WordPress Plugins – Eine Auswahl

Ein Top 100 Liste mit produktiven Plugins aus allen Bereichen

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WordPress Plugins - Eine Auswahl


WordPress Plugins Top 100

Aktualisiert: Oktober 2019
Eine Auflistung interessanter Plugins für die verschiedensten Zwecke.
Über die Suche rechts kann nach Begriffen gesucht werden oder über den Kategoriefilter nach Plugin-Kategorien
KategoriePlugin NameTippPlugin-BeschreibungLink Wordpress.orgHersteller - Tutorials
Backup/TransferBackWPup FreeSchedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…). This is the free versionhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/backwpup/http://marketpress.com/product/backwpup-pro/
Backup/TransferBetter Search ReplaceA simple plugin to update URLs or other text in a databasehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/https://expandedfronts.com/products/better-search-replace-pro/
Backup/TransferDuplicatorxDuplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/Tutorial dt.:
Backup/TransferWP Migrate DBMigrates your database by running find & replace on URLs and file paths, handling serialized data, and saving an SQL file.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-migrate-db/http://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/
Backup/TransferWP Staging
DB & file duplicator & migration
A duplicator plugin! Clone, duplicate and migrate live sites to independent staging and development sites that are available only to administrators.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/
BenutzerAntispam BeeAKISMET-ERSATZ!! “ay Goodbye to comment spam on your WorddPress blog or website. Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and trackbacks effectively and without captchas. It is free of charge, ad-free and compliant with European data privacy standards.https://wordpress.org/plugins/antispam-bee/https://github.com/pluginkollektiv/antispam-bee/wiki
BenutzerComments Evolved for WordPressComments Evolved ( formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress ) makes the comment section tabbed seamlessly adding tabs for Comments & Morehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/gplus-comments/
BenutzerDecent CommentsDecent Comments shows what people say. Provides widgets, shortcodes and API to display comments including author avatars, links, comment excerpts.https://wordpress.org/plugins/decent-comments/
BenutzerGwolle GuestbookGwolle Guestbook is the WordPress guestbook you've just been looking for. Beautiful and easy.https://wordpress.org/plugins/gwolle-gb/
BenutzerMailChimpMailChimp for WordPress, the absolute best. Add subscribers to your MailChimp lists from your WordPress site, with ease.https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/https://mc4wp.com/
BenutzerWP Custom Register LoginEasily add ajax powered fully responsive login and registration form anywhere on website. Minimize spam signups via user's email verification.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-custom-register-login/
BenutzerWP User Avatars - Buch S. 105WordPress currently only allows you to use custom avatars that are uploaded through Gravatar. WP User Avatar enables you to use any photo uploaded into your Media Library as an avatar. This means you use the same uploader and library as your posts. No extra folders or image editing functions are necessary.https://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/wp-user-avatar/http://www.flippercode.com/product/wp-user-avatar/
BilderCrelly SliderA free responsive slider that supports layers. Add texts, images, videos and beautify them with transitions and animations.https://wordpress.org/plugins/crelly-slider/http://crellyslider.tk/
BilderDisplay All Image SizesDisplays all sizes of each image, including name, dimensions, and permalink for each size.https://wordpress.org/plugins/display-all-image-sizes/
BilderModula Photo GalleryModula WordPress Photo Gallery, Image Gallery & Portfolio Gallery Plugin, the creative WordPress image gallery, photo gallery, portfolio gallery & responsive gallery, is now available also in Lite version. Modula is currently the easiest and fastest photo gallery plugin for WordPress. With its wizard you are able to build an image gallery in a few seconds, unlike many other WordPress gallery pluginshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/modula-best-grid-gallery/https://wp-modula.com/
BilderRegenerate Thumbnails - Buch S. 180wenn man zB das Theme nachträglich wechselt und neue Bildgrößen für alle Vorschaubilder der Bilder in der Mediathek benötigt) Allows you to regenerate your thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
BilderSimple LightboxThe highly customizable lightbox for WordPresshttps://de.wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/http://archetyped.com/tools/simple-lightbox/
BilderSmart Slider 3xResponsive slider plugin to create beautiful sliders in the next generation visual editor. Awesome sliders, no compromises!https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/smart-slider-3/http://smartslider3.com/
CSSAdvanced Custom CSSxA lightweight plugin that lets you write custom CSS code for each device (desktop, tablets, and mobile phones) right from the WordPress Customizerhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-css-editor/
CSSCustom ClassesMit dem WordPress Plugin Custom Classes lassen sich individuelle CSS Klassen für einzelne WordPress Seiten, Kategorien und Beiträge festlegen. Damit kannst du bestimmte Seiten deiner WordPress Website gezielt mit CSS ansprechen, um diese anders zu gestalten.
Alternative: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-add-custom-css/
CSSEasy Google FontsA simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme without coding. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime. It’s compatible with any theme.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/Demo: https://vimeo.com/77878709
CSSSiteOrigin CSSxNützlich auch wenn man keine CSS Kenntnisse hat (visueller CSS-Editor) An advanced CSS editor from SiteOriginhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/so-css/https://siteorigin.com/css
CSSVisual CSS StylexEingeschränkte Version, Pro erhältlich. An advanced CSS editor which allows you edit the website design in real-time.https://wordpress.org/plugins/yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer/https://waspthemes.com/yellow-pencil/
FormularConditional Fields for Contact Form 7This plugin adds conditional logic to Contact Form 7.

If you edit your CF7 form, you will see an additional tag called „Conditional fields Group“. Everything you put between the start and end tag will be hidden by default
https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-conditional-fields/Tutorial: https://conditional-fields-cf7.bdwm.be/conditional-fields-for-contact-form-7-tutorial/
FormularContact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7The „CFDB7“ plugin saves contact form 7 submissions to your WordPress database. Export the data to a csv file.
By simply installing the plugin, it will automatically begin to capture form submissions from contact form 7.
FormularContact Form 7 Image Captcha
Adds a clean image captcha to Contact Form 7https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-image-captcha/
FormularContact Form 7 Multi-Step FormsEnables the Contact Form 7 plugin to create multi-page, multi-step forms.https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-multi-step-module/http://webheadcoder.com/contact-form-7-multi-step-form/
FormularContact Form 7 Shortcode EnablerShortcodes in Contact Form 7 nutzen !!!
Many themes, as well as other plugins, provide shortcodes for layout options like multi-column-layouts, tabs, etc. By default, Contact Form 7 forms can not include shortcodes provided by WordPress or third-party-plugins or -themes.It only processes its own shortcodes used to generate form elements.This plugin enables the usage of external shortcodes inside Contact Form 7 Forms.

FormularContact Form 7 SkinsMakes styling of Contact Form 7 forms much easier – even if you don't have HTML + CSS skills.https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-skins/
FormularContact Form 7 Tiny MCEAdd tiny MCE Editor to ContactForm7 editorhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-mce/
FormularContactForm 7 Customizer | CF7 Customizerx Customize, style and theme your WordPress Contact Forms. An intuitive plugin to design your contact forms via WordPress live customizer, right at the front-end.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-customizer/
FormularHappy FormsxHappyForms is the simplest way for you to manage and respond to conversations with your website visitors.https://wordpress.org/plugins/happyforms/https://happyforms.me/
Video dt.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2t5e9Xrdl4
FormularNinja FormsxNinja Forms is the ultimate FREE form creation tool for WordPress. Build forms within minutes using a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop form creator. For beginners, quickly and easily design complex forms with absolutely no code. For developers, utilize built-in hooks, filters, and even custom field templates to do whatever you need at any step in the form building or submission using Ninja Forms as a frameworkhttps://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/ninja-forms/https://ninjaforms.com/
Inhalte - AddonsOSM – OpenStreetMapMerkmale des OSM-Plugins:

OpenStreetMap, OpenSeaMap, OpenWeatherMap, BaseMap (AT), Stamen, WMS in Beiträgen/Seiten
Integration in Beiträge, Seiten und Widgets

Inhalte - AddonsPDF EmbedderUpload PDFs and embed them straight into your site – just like adding images!https://wordpress.org/plugins/pdf-embedder/https://wp-pdf.com
Inhalte - AddonsPrint-O-MaticPrint-O-Matic adds the ability to print any post, page or page element by using a simple [print-me] shortcode.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/print-o-matic/https://plugins.twinpictures.de/plugins/print-o-matic/
Inhalte - AddonsShow/Hide Content at Set TimeThis plugin provides shortcodes allowing you to display content or hide content at given dates and times. You can also combine the two to show some content at a given time, and then hide it at another time. Anmerkung: Ist bereits in Shortcodes Ultimatehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-to-show-or-hide-content/
Inhalte - AddonsSwifty BarAdds sticky bar at the bottom of post that shows category,post title, author, time needed to read article, share buttons and previous/next post linkshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/swifty-bar/
Inhalte - AddonsTable of Contents PlusA powerful yet user friendly plugin that automatically creates a table of contents. Can also output a sitemap listing all pages and categorieshttps://de.wordpress.org/plugins/table-of-contents-plus
Inhalte - AddonsWP Author Box LiteAwesome Author box that you'll fall inlove with!https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-author-box-lite/
Inhalte - AddonsWP Link To This PostA simple way to make it easier for your visitors to provide backlink to your posts by giving them the HTML code they need.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-link-to-this-post/
Inhalte - BeiträgeContextual Related PostsContextual Related Posts is a powerful plugin for WordPress that allows you to display a list of related posts on your website and in your feedhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/contextual-related-posts/Erweiterung dazu: https://webberzone.com/downloads/crp-taxonomy/
Inhalte - BeiträgeFutureIntegrates future-dated posts into your blog. Adds future posts and category selection to WordPress's built-in calendar widget.https://wordpress.org/plugins/future/
Inhalte - BeiträgeSimple Masonry LayoutA Simple Masonry Layout plugin. with simple shortcode, You can add Masonry Layout For Posts , custom post types .And Even Masonry Layout Gallery For Posts and custom post type. Very easy to Use with very simple shortcodes. Better Grid View of Posts, custom post types.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/simple-masonry-layout/
Inhalte - BeiträgeThe Post GridThe Post Grid is a fully Responsive & Mobile friendly plugin to display your page/post in Grid, List and Isotope View without any line of coding. It is fast and easy to generate grid from admin end and insert into page/post. You can Display posts by any category(s), tag(s), author(s), keyword(s) also Order posts by Id, Title, Created date, Modified date and Menu order.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/the-post-grid/
Inhalte - BeiträgeTop-10 – Popular postsWordPress doesn’t have an in-built system to track page views or displaying popular posts. Top 10 is an easy to use, yet, powerful WordPress plugin that will count the number of page views of your posts, pages and any custom post typeshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/top-10/
Inhalte - BeiträgeWP Show PostsxWP Show Posts allows you to display posts anywhere on your website using an easy to use shortcode.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-show-posts/
Inhalte - BlöckeAdvanced GutenbergAdvanced Gutenberg adds the missing blocks and configuration you need to build professional websites. Take the control of the new Gutenberg editor with user edition profile configuration and 20+ new blocks and options.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-gutenberg/
Inhalte - BlöckeGetwid – Gutenberg BlocksxGetwid is a collection of 34+ comprehensive Gutenberg blocks that greatly extends the library of existing core blocks.https://wordpress.org/plugins/getwid/https://getwid.getmotopress.com/
Inhalte - BlöckeAtomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks CollectionAtomic Blocks is a collection of page building blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. Building pages with the block editor and Atomic Blocks gives you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you wanthttps://wordpress.org/plugins/atomic-blocks/
Inhalte - BlöckeGutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for GutenbergPower-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful blocks that help you build websites in no time! This first Gutenberg addon is here to make website building an ultimate journey.https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-addons-for-gutenberg/
Inhalte - BlöckePage Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocksCoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

With additional blocks and true row and column building, CoBlocks gives you a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.
Inhalte - BlöckePage Builder Gutenberg Blocks – Kioken BlocksKioken Blocks is a fantastic suite of advanced Gutenberg Blocks that will maximize your productivity and creative freedom. It takes only a couple minutes to create a beautiful, responsive website with Kioken Blocks.https://wordpress.org/plugins/kioken-blocks/
Inhalte - BlöckeStackable – Gutenberg BlocksStackable is a collection of beautiful ready-to-use custom blocks that builds on and supercharges the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). Stackable’s blocks give you the capability to easily create great websites with just a few clicks.https://wordpress.org/plugins/stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks/
Inhalte - LayoutBeaver Builder - WP Page-Builder(LITE-Version ist eingeschränkt!) Beaver Builder is a drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder that works with almost any theme!https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com/
Inhalte - LayoutElementor Page BuilderxThe most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/https://elementor.com/
Inhalte - LayoutPage Builder: Live ComposerxSCHAUT VIELVERSPRECHEND AUS! (siehe VIdeo) Front-end page builder for WordPress with drag and drop editing. Build PRO responsive websites and landing pages. Visually customize any page element. NO Premium Version Available!
Unlike other page builders, Live Composer is 100% free and open source. We provide full functionality out of the box.
Inhalte - StylesDrop Shadow BoxesxDrop Shadow Boxes highlight important content on your posts, pages and widget areas. Personalise the box with drop shadow effects like raised, lifted and perspective and choose whether the box has an inside shadow, outside shadow and rounded corners.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/drop-shadow-boxes/Beispiele: https://www.stevenhenty.com/products/wordpress-plugins/drop-shadow-boxes/examples/

Tutorial: https://themecoder.de/2018/07/05/textboxen-mit-schlagschatten-in-wordpress-erstellen/
Inhalte - StylesShortcodes by Angie MakesxThe Shortcodes by Angie Makes plugin adds a family of easy to use shortcodes to your WordPress theme.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-shortcodes/
Inhalte - StylesTinyMCE AdvancedEnables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/http://www.tinymce.com/
MenüDifferent Menu in Different Pages – Control Menu VisibilitySet different menus for different users, pages, posts, page templates, post types, categories, devices etc.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/different-menus-in-different-pages/https://myrecorp.com/product/different-menus-in-different-pages/
MenüMenu Image, Icons made easyEasily add an image or icon in a menu item. Creating a better website menu. Control the position of the image or icon and also it’s size.https://wordpress.org/plugins/menu-image/
MenüMenu Icons by ThemeIsleThis plugin gives you the ability to add icons to your menu items, similar to the look of the latest dashboard menu.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/menu-icons/https://github.com/Codeinwp/wp-menu-icons
Menüif MenuIf Menu plugin adds extra functionality for menu items, making it easy to hide or display them based on user-defined rules. Example:

Display a menu item only if current User is logged in
Hide menu items if visiting from mobile device
Display menu items just for Admins and Editors
The plugin is easy to use, each menu item will have a “Change menu item visibility” option which will enable the selection of rules
MenüFloat menu – awesome floating side menuFloat Menu is a free WordPress plugin to create and place a unique floating menu on your website.https://wordpress.org/plugins/float-menu/https://wow-estore.com/preview/float-menu/pro.html
MenüMax Mega MenuxEasy to use drag & drop WordPress Mega Menu plugin. Create Mega Menus using Widgets. Responsive, retina & touch ready.https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/http://www.maxmegamenu.com
MenüResponsive MenuHighly customisable Responsive Menu Plugin for WordPress. With over 150 customisable options you get a combination of 22,500 options!https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-menu/https://responsive.menu/
MenüSticky Menu (or Anything!) on ScrollThe Sticky Menu (Or Anything) On Scroll plugin for WordPress allows you to make any element on your pages “sticky” as soon as it hits the top of the page when you scroll down.https://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-menu-or-anything-on-scroll/
MenüWP Mobile MenuWP Mobile Menu is the best WordPress responsive mobile menu.https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobile-menu/https://www.wpmobilemenu.com/
OptimierungAdminimizeAdminimize macht es einfach unnötige Bereiche aus dem Administrationsbereich zu entfernen, für jede Nutzer-Rolle separat.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/adminimize/
OptimierungAutoptimizexAutoptimize macht das Optimieren deiner Website sehr einfach. Es kann zusammenführen, minimieren, Skripte und Stile cachen, standardmäßig CSS in den head der Seite injizieren (aber auch verzögern), es verschiebt und verzögert Skripte in den Footer und minimiert HTML.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/autoptimize/https://autoptimize.com/
OptimierungBetter Delete RevisionRemove and delete old revision of posts, pages and related meta content completely then optimize Database: reduce size and optimization to speed up!https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/better-delete-revision/
OptimierungClearfy – Optimization and ultimate tweakerxThousands of users already optimized their WordPress sites with Clearfy plugin. It’s multipurpose and free tool with tons of settings. Combine it with other plugins and you’ll get better optimized and secure WordPress website.https://wordpress.org/plugins/clearfy/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtrX7YKdalY
OptimierungDisable Blogging
Simple-n-quick, disable & hide access to all blogging functionalities on WordPress (ink. Beiträge und Kommentare im backend sowie Feeds)https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-blogging/
OptimierungDisable EmbedsxDont like the enhanced embeds in WordPress 4.4? Easily disable the feature using this plugin.Anmerkung: Dies entfernt zB die neue Beitragsvorschau zu Links von WordPress Beiträgen (OEMBED)https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-embeds/
OptimierungHummingbird – Speed up, Cache, Optimize Your CSS and JSHummingbird zips through your site and makes it faster – much faster. Get new ways to boost page speed with fine-tuned controls over file compression, minification and world-class caching.https://wordpress.org/plugins/hummingbird-performance/
OptimierungRemove WP Logo from Admin BarThis plugin will enable remove the WordPress Logo from admin bar.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/remove-wp-logo-from-admin-bar/
OptimierungSmush Image Optimization, Compression, and Lazy LoadxSmush has been benchmarked and tested number one for speed and quality and is the award-winning, back-to-back proven crowd favorite image optimization plugin for WordPress.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/
OptimierungWP-OptimizexWP-Optimize is a revolutionary, all-in-one plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images and caches your site.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/https://getwpo.com
Tutorial: https://updraftplus.com/how-to-increase-and-check-website-speed-with-the-wp-optimize-plugin/
OptimierungWP-SweepWP-Sweep allows you to clean up unused, orphaned and duplicated data in your WordPress. It also optimizes your database tables.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sweep/
SEO404 to 301Automatically redirect, log and notify all 404 page errors to any page using 301 redirect for SEO. No more 404 Errors in WebMaster tool.https://wordpress.org/plugins/404-to-301/
SEOAll In One Schema.org Rich SnippetsBoost CTR. Improve SEO & Rankings. Supports most of the content type. Works perfectly with Google, Bing, Yahoo & Facebookhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-schemaorg-rich-snippets/https://www.brainstormforce.com/schema-rich-snippets/
SEORank Math SEOxSee the features which are exclusive to Rank Math SEO plugin and to understand why Rank Math is possibly the Best SEO Plugin for WordPresshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/https://rankmath.com/wordpress/plugin/seo-suite/
10 Gründe: https://www.reisewut.com/2019/09/rank-math-seo-10-gruende/
SEOSmartCrawl WordPress SEO checker, analyzer, and optimizerGive your site better WordPress SEO optimization with SmartCrawl. Improve keyword optimization, XML sitemaps, optimize and format your meta tags, titles and descriptions and boost your PageRank in Google.https://wordpress.org/plugins/smartcrawl-seo/
SicherheitAll In One WP Security & FirewallxA comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall/https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/wordpress-security-and-firewall-plugin
SicherheitDefender WordPress Security, Malware Detection, and FirewallDefender adds the best in WordPress security to your website with just a few clicks. Stop brute force attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting XSS, and other WordPress vulnerabilities with Defender malware scans, firewall, and two-factor authentication login security.https://wordpress.org/plugins/defender-security/
SicherheitEdit Author Slugx!!Verstecke deinen echten Admin Login Namen aus dem Autorenarchiv!
Allows an admin (or capable user) to edit the author slug of a user, and change the author base.
SicherheitEmail Address EncoderEin leichtgewichtiges Plugin zur Abwehr von Robots, die Mail-Adressen sammeln. E-Mail-Adressen und Mailto-Links werden zum Schutz in dezimale und hexadezimale Einheiten zerlegt. Funktioniert in Beiträgen, Seiten, Kommentaren, Auszügen und Text-Widgets. Keine Benutzerschnittstelle, kein Shortcode, kein JavaScript – nur eine einfache Spam-Abwehr.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/email-address-encoder/
SicherheitEmail Encoder Bundle – Protect Email AddressEncode mailto links, email addresses, phone numbers and any text to hide them from (spam)bots.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/email-encoder-bundle/
SicherheitiThemes Security
(formerly Better WP Security)
Protect your WordPress site by hiding vital areas of your site, protecting access to important files, preventing brute-force login attempts, detectinghttps://wordpress.org/plugins/better-wp-security/https://ithemes.com/security/
SicherheitNinjaFirewall (WP Edition)A true Web Application Firewall to protect and secure WordPresshttps://de.wordpress.org/plugins/ninjafirewall/
SocialEasy Social Share ButtonsEasily add social sharing buttons to your posts and images without slowing down your site with unnecessary javascript and image files.https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-social-share-buttons/
SocialHustle Marketing, Social Share, Email Opt-in Form, and Popup PluginHustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list with opt-in forms, targeted marketing popups, lead generation, building a social following with share bars, improving conversions, and growing your businesshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-popup/
SocialShariff WrapperxDie originalen Teilen-Buttons senden automatisch Informationen über die eigenen Besucher an die sozialen Netzwerke. Das deutsche Computermagazin c’t hat daher „Shariff“ entwickelt, mit dem sich datenschutzkonforme Teilen-Buttons einbinden lassen,https://wordpress.org/plugins/shariff/
SocialSocial Media and Share Icons
(Ultimate Social Media)
Easy to use and 100% FREE social media plugin which adds social media icons to your website with tons of customization features!https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-social-media-iconshttp://ultimatelysocial.com
Sonstiges404pageCustom 404 the easy way! Set any page as custom 404 error page. No coding needed. Works with every Theme.https://wordpress.org/plugins/404page/
SonstigesWP PollsUmfragen - WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wantedhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-polls/
SonstigesChronosly Events CalendarElegant event list display, easy-to-use interface with major event features included. 100% responsive and extensible with templates and addons.https://wordpress.org/plugins/chronosly-events-calendar/https://www.chronosly.com/
SonstigesEvent OrganiserCreate and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event listshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/event-organiser/http://www.wp-event-organiser.com/
WordPress LMS Plugin
A WordPress LMS Plugin to create WordPress Learning Management System. Turn your WP to LMS WordPress with Courses, Lessons, Quizzes & more.https://wordpress.org/plugins/learnpress/http://thimpress.com/learnpress/
SonstigesThe Events CalendarThe Events Calendar is a carefully crafted, extensible plugin that lets you easily share your events. Beautiful. Solid. Awesome.https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/https://theeventscalendar.com/
excelling eCommerce
WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/http://www.woothemes.com/
SonstigesWP StatisticsWith WP Statistics you can know your website statistics without any need to send your users’ data anywhere. You can know how many people visit your website, where they’re coming from, what browsers and search engines they use, and which of your contents, categories, tags and users get more visits.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-statistics/
SonstigesWP Ultimate RecipeEverything a Food Blog needs. Beautiful SEO friendly recipes, print versions, visitor interaction, ...https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ultimate-recipe/http://www.wpultimaterecipe.com/
SonstigesZenCacheZenCache is an advanced WordPress caching plugin inspired by simplicity. Speed up your site (BIG time!) with a reliable and fast WordPress cache.https://wordpress.org/plugins/zencache/
SprachenMultilingualPressCreate a fast translation network on WordPress multisite.https://wordpress.org/plugins/multilingual-press/https://marketpress.de

SystemExternal Links – Icon, nofollow & new windowxManage all external & internal links on your site. Control icons, nofollow, noopener and if links open in new window or new tab.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-external-links/https://www.webfactoryltd.com/
SystemAdmin Menu EditorAdmin Menu Editor lets you manually edit the Dashboard menu. You can reorder the menus, show/hide specific items, change premissions, and more.https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-menu-editor/https://adminmenueditor.com/
SystemCustom Archive TitlesThe Custom Archive Titles plugin allows you to change the default texts of archive titles in WordPress.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-archive-titles/https://themecoder.de/2016/12/13/wordpress-archiv-ueberschriften-mit-custom-archive-titles-aendern/
SystemGoogle XML SitemapsThis plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/http://www.arnebrachhold.de/projects/wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps-generator/
SystemHead, Footer and Post InjectionsHTML- oder JavaScript-Code in deine Website eingefügenhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/header-footer/Tutorial: https://hootproof.de/externen-code-einbinden/

Neue Alternative: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/header-and-footer-scripts-inserter/
SystemMaintenance - WartungsmodusMit dem Plugin „Maintenance“ kann der Website-Administrator die Seite zu Wartungsarbeiten offline nehmen. Dabei wird der HTTP-Statuscode „503 Dienst zeitweise nicht verfügbar“ zurückgegeben. Es ist möglich, eine temporäre Login-Seite einzurichten, die über die Plugin-Einstellungen konfiguriert werden kann, beispielsweise mit einem eigenen Logo, eigenem Hintergrundbild, Farben und Texthttps://de.wordpress.org/plugins/maintenance/Demo: http://plugins.fruitfulcode.com/maintenance/

Pro-Version: https://codecanyon.net/item/maintenance-pro-wordpress-plugin/2781350?clickthrough_id=1063307688&redirect_back=true&ref=fruitfulcode
SystemRedirectionRedirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. With it you can easily manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may havehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/https://redirection.me
SystemRelevanssi – A Better SearchRelevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with a better search engine, with lots of features and configurable options. You’ll get better results, better presentation of resultshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/https://www.relevanssi.com/
SystemSVG SupportThis plugin not only provides SVG Support like the name says, it also allows you to easily embed your full SVG file’s code using a simple IMG tag.https://wordpress.org/plugins/svg-support/
SystemWP YouTube LytexEinbetten von YouTube Videos bestmöglich nach DSGVOhttps://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/https://martinahonecker.com/youtube-videos-dsgvo/
ThemeChild Theme ConfiguratorChild Theme Configurator is a fast and easy to use utility that allows you to analyze any theme for common problems, create a child theme and customize it beyond the options of the Customizer.https://wordpress.org/plugins/child-theme-configurator/https://www.childthemeconfigurator.com/
ThemeCustomizer Theme ResizerResponsive Web design review enables theme customization.https://wordpress.org/plugins/customizer-theme-resizer/
ThemeMultiple ThemesSelect different Themes for one or more WordPress Pages, Posts or other non-Admin pages. Or Site Home.https://wordpress.org/plugins/jonradio-multiple-themes/
ThemeWP Theme TestThe theme can be changed and displayed to only logged in users.https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-theme-test/
Widgetamr shortcode any widgetInsert a widget or multiple widgets or a entire widget area (sidebar) into a page using a shortcode.https://wordpress.org/plugins/amr-shortcode-any-widget/https://wordpress.org/plugins/amr-shortcode-any-widget/faq/
WidgetBlack Studio TinyMCE WidgetThe visual editor widget for WordPress.https://wordpress.org/plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget/http://www.blackstudio.it/en/wordpress-plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget-2/
WidgetDynamic WidgetsxVorteil: Widgets neben Beiträge bestimmter Kategorien platzieren und dabei die zugehörigen Kategoriearchive ausschließen. Desweiteren kann man sogar nach Browser oder IP des Gastes die Ausgabe von Widgets steuern. Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages a widget will display. It lets you dynamicly show or hide widgets on WordPress pages.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/dynamic-widgets/
WidgetRestrict WidgetsAll in one widgets and sidebars management in WordPress. Allows you to hide or display widgets on specified pages and restrict access for users.https://wordpress.org/plugins/restrict-widgets/http://www.dfactory.eu/plugins/restrict-widgets/
WidgetSiteOrigin Widgets by CodeLightsxSowohl im Editor verfügbar, als auch als Widget!!Flexible high-end shortcodes and widgets. Responsive, modern, SEO-optimized and easy-to-use. Also can work without SiteOrigin.
Popup Modal, Stats Counter, Flip Box, Interactive Text and banner, Testimonial
WidgetUniversal IconsUniversal Icons let you insert Icons easily Before and After Widgets Title.https://wordpress.org/plugins/universal-icons/
WidgetWidget CSS ClassesxDas Plugin ergänzt deine Widgets zur Eingabe eigener CSS-Klassen sowie weitere Klassen, so dass du sie leichter stylen kannst.https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/widget-css-classes/https://github.com/cleverness/widget-css-classes/wiki

WidgetWidget OptionenControl your sidebar widgets more! Assign different contents on your sidebars, footer and any sidebar widgets.

Widget Optionen adds elegant and feature-packed tabbed options below each widget to completely manage and control each widgets visibility and appearance.